Our company has operated in the precision mechanic field since 1997, working and mechanical manufacturing customized drawing parts on commission.
It is specialized in the production of turned parts, with diameters from 5 to 75 mm and length range from 3 to 75 mm.

The production is addressed to various sectors of the international market, oil-pressure, thermo-hydraulic, pneumatic and hobby accessory above all.
On demand, we supply the items with surface and thermal treatments, and we can perform finishing operations like boring, tapping, threading, milling and overall assembling of mechanical components as well.

Since 2012, we had started the exclusive production of hydraulic pumps, after the acquisition of a business unit, supplier for the world most important companies in the field of hairdressing, fitness and beauty centers.
The critical part of the assembly is handcrafted, which assures the check of every single piece, and also the check of every single pump at the end of the process.
Our customers turn to us not only for technical advices, but also for some changes in the pumps or even to make us realize their personal prototypes.